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Stairs (1970–74)
Photo: Margaret Eliot

Course: Dance/Art 469 & Jewish Studies 432 Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts
Topic Title: Interdisciplinary Improvisation
Instructor: Sally Gross, Fall 2012 Artist in Residence
UW Instructor of Record: Douglas Rosenberg, Department of Art
Day/Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 8:50–10:30 a.m.
Location: 510 Lathrop
Limit: 16
Credits: 3
Prereq: None

Course Description

This course will focus on interdisciplinary improvisation. Flowing from ideas first put forth by the Judson Theater Dance Group, the class welcomes students from various disciplines including music, visual art, writing, theater and dance. The class will include solo and group movement improvisation exercises, discussion, videos, readings, writing assignments and a culminating performance event at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art that will respond to the work of light artist Leo Villareal. Using interdisciplinary improvisation techniques, students will creatively respond to and make use of the landscape, architecture, history, sound, and visual imagery of a site to create interdisciplinary movement-based work. Working collaboratively and across disciplines, the class will generate choreography, sound, image, and physical theater.