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“the moment i saw you i knew i could love you." Photo by Hugo Glendinning.

Course: Art/Dance/Theatre & Drama/Art History 469 Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts

Topic Title: Autobiology: Biology and Biography in Live Performance

Instructors: Helen Paris & Leslie Hill, Fall 2010 Artists in Residence

UW Instructor of Record: Laurie-Beth Clark, Art

Day/Time: Friday 9-3pm

Room: 510 Lathrop

Credits: 3

Limit: 14

Consent of instructor required

***Note: the deadline to apply for consent of instructor has now passed. We received a large number of requests, and the course is now full.

Description: This course explores the connections between biology and biography in performance making. Students will explore: Autobiographical writing; creating from the inside out; working with body memory; the senses and working with smell memory; creating from family mannerisms and traits; the notion of the personal as political; using yoga and meditation as ways into and out of creativity; working with gut feelings; working with ‘flight, fight and freeze’ reactions; working with humor and the body; working with biofeedback; working sonically with the body; creating site and sense specific pieces; and creating body maps. Students will also read and discuss autobiographical texts from artists and theorists. Readings about body art, autobiography and 'sci-art' will be discussed alongside the performance-making workshops. The course will be workshop based with students doing practical work. They will also be given weekly practical assignments to be shared in class the following week. They will work towards a final performance at the end of the semester.

Targeted students: Upper level undergraduate and graduate students in dance, theatre, music, visual arts and the humanities. The course demands creative practical participation and does not therefore accept audit students.

For more information please contact Kate Hewson at (608) 263-9290 or