UW-Madison Course with Amy Franceschini

Course: Art 469
Topic Title: Ecology of Research: Seeds of Time
Instructor: Amy Franceschini, Spring 2016 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence
UW Instructor of Record: Meg Mitchell, Art Department
Day/Time: Fridays 1:45-4:15pm
Location: Humanities 6321
Limit: 16
Credits: 3
Prerequisite: None
Description: Franceschini's course will focus on interdisciplinary research. It will use a seafaring journey, Seed Journey, to direct research and guide a series of projects. Together the class will research locations, partners and logistics as they relate to Seed Journey. This course will also include a short history of interdisciplinary art focused on art in public places. It will address issues of audience, form, media, motivation and co-creation as it relates to making artwork that falls within the genre of social practice. Topics such as aesthetics, ethics, collaboration, media strategies and social activitsm will be covered through small projects and readings. Students will work independently and collaboratively with various departments on the UW-Madison campus as well as community groups in order to create a final public event: Flatbread Society Seed Journey.

Please contact Emily Lewis, Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program Coordinator, with any questions.


Photo by Max McClure.